Christmas gift idea your little ones will love to help with!

Are you a nanny, taking care of kids? An Au Pair living with the family you work for? A parent that wants to give something special to a teacher, your spouse, grandparents? Are you in need of an idea that can engage kids for some time but it is simple enough that the little ones can take part, as well? Here’s the answer:

This easy DIY gift is perfect for all occassions. The one you can see in the photo was made for my Host’s birthday, but as Christmas is almost here, make sure to buy red and green paint.

Things you’ll need:
blank bag or T-shirt
fabric paint
cake doilies

I love Michaels! So do you? They have amazing art supplies and if you are tricky enough, you can get 40% off of your entire purchase or get a better deal, just visit their website before checking out. They have a big selection of T-shirts and other fabrics you can decorate. I chose a blank, white bag. Since I work with a little boy and a little girl, I bought pink, blue and black fabric paint.


Then I decorated the bag a little before working on it with the kids. I cut a piece of the cake doily, put it on the bag and painted the little holes with black paint. You have to be really careful though, it’s very easy to move the paper if you don’t hold it still enough. Then the pattern won’t come out well.  I also used a stamp because they were on sale 😉 You can decorate the bag with ribbons, buttons or literally anything that fits your design.

The next day I was home with the kids. I told them we will make an exciting project for mommy, painting their hands! They both loved having their hands painted and using them as stamps. I was surprised the little one actually enjoyed it and listened to all my instructions carefully! (He was 22 months old at the time).  We let it dry for a few days and gave it to mommy on her birthday.


What’s better than a handmade gift from your babies? 🙂

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