DIY Advent Calendar- countdown to Christmas!

December has officially arrived! The last 2 weeks I’ve been working on these Advent calendars to suprise 2 little angels. And a big one. There are hundreds of ways to make an Advent calendar and you can probably find a thousand tutorials and ideas on the internet. In this post, you’ll find one of the easiest ones that you can make on your own. And it’s also budget friendly!

You’ll need:
paper bags and gift wraps
paper clips
little toys,candy
ribbons and other things to decorate

First of all, you have to decide whether you want to make it or just put it together. You can just go to the store and buy little bags or boxes if you don’t have enough time. I made all the paper bags from Roche Brothers shopping bags according to this video:


Then I visited the Dollar Store. I bought some candy and little toys, such as balloons, stickers, small balls, dolls, harmonicas and little figurines. I filled up the bags with the suprises and wrote numbers on them. 1-24.


The next step is to decide the way you want to put it together. I cut 9 pieces of yarn to the same length, devided them 3 ways and braided them, then made a knot in the ends. With the help of paper clips I hung the bags on it, then decorated them with bows, plastic pearls and cotton balls but you can use stickers, ribbons or stamps if you have more time.


The kids were so happy to open their first bags today! And the parents liked them too 😉 Happy December!

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