To do list before the New Year

Today I sat down with my new checklist I downloaded from Fashion Potluck at to check out things I’ve already done and plan the rest. I like this checklist as I really need a planner to be organized. I know that if I don’t write a list, I can easily forget about what I wanted to do and it makes me remember that I haven’t done something yet.

The easiest part was the -Spend a day alone. As I’m currently working as an Au Pair (living at someone’s home to take care of their kids), I spend a lot of time alone when the kids are at school. Check!

Unfortunately my family is far away in Hungary, so the -Visit your family and cook dinner for them is not something I can easily do, but the other day I was having lunch while FaceTiming with my parents, while they were having dinner. I guess that counts 🙂

The rest is yet to come as I have to make some additional planning before the New Year. I’ll definitely share those plans with you guys. Download the checklist if you are like me and need some extra organization!

I’m looking forward to read your plans/ideas in the comments! 🙂

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