DIY Halloween Costume Idea- Pennywise Clown


We wanted to have a couple’s costume for our first Halloween with my rockstar. Well, I guess it’s always hard to find something new and as we went to see the movie It, we thought we’ll see a lot of Pennywises this year. But let’s make a turn in it. We’ve decided that I’ll be the clown and J will be the little boy, Georgie. We like to make our own costume to make it fun, not just purchase one that anyone can buy. Well, this is my ORIGINAL, absolutely self made (and ridiculously cheap!-if you’re on a budget) Pennywise costume.

As a first step we went to a $10 and Below. I bought a pair of simple white pants on sale for $1 and I had an old, white T-shirt I wasn’t gonna use anymore.
Then I made a skirt from the pants this way:

Then I made a collar from the legs of the pants this way:

At this point, I had a shirt, a skirt and a clown collar. I wore black pantyhose under the skirt, but it’s optional. I needed some pom poms as well. A clown is not a clown without pom poms.
I used this tutorial, but there are other incredibly simple ways to make them:

After making 3 bigger and 2 smaller pom poms, I sewed the bigger ones on the shirt and the smaller ones on my shoes. I, personally, can’t stand wearing heels for a long time and since I needed the costume for Halloween parties, I chose my comfortable high heel platform sandals. I also used thread and needle for simple stitches to sew the pom poms onto the sandals.

Tahdaaah! The costume is ready to wear! So let’s see! I spent $1 on the skirt and the collar, then $2.50 on the yarn so far.

The most „expensive” part of this costume was the makeup. I paid $15 for the white base at Garment District. I wanted quality makeup I don’t have to reapply after 5 minutes. I applied it only once with some water and the help of a sponge and it looked the same after several hours of partying. A little black eye shadow and mascara, then I used red lipstick on my lips and also to draw the lines on my face. If you want thinner lines, you can use eyeliner brush.

I used bobby pins and transparent elastics for my hair. I separated my hair into 2 sections, then made it a little messy by teasing it.

The last step was getting a $1 red balloon at the Dollar Store. Fortunately, they didn’t have simple red balloons so for the first party we got a heart, for the second party we got a star shaped one to make it fun. After the party, the helium from the balloons ended up inhaled by the funniest people.

The HungaryTraveler

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