Healthy snacks for Fall



Sugar free cranberry sauce and sweet plantain chips

It’s Fall again. Thanksgiving is coming up and I, being new to American culture have decided to try it myself. I enjoy cooking and always try to find the healthiest way to make a meal. In some cases it doesn’t work unfortunately, because traditional Hungarian pastries are best with sugar, for example 🙂 but in this case, I tried my best and it came out perfect!

Instead of sugar, I used half cup of maple syrup, then half cup of water and the cranberries. In the end I added one tablespoon of orange zest and a little bit of cinnamon. So delicious!

My other project for today was plantain chips. Simple and very healthy Cuban recipe. I melted together some maple syrup, olive oil and cinnamon. I cut 2 plantains in thin slices and mixed them in a saucepan. Then I organized them in a single layer on a baking sheet and baked them for about 10 minutes in the oven. Then turned them so their other side could become nice and brown as well, and tahdaaah 🙂

I most definitely encourage you to try these versions.


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