Visit at the White Mountains, NH

A year ago some friends and I have decided to take a hike at the White Mountains, New Hampshire. We rented a van, drove to Lincoln, parked our car and started our hike. I can’t say it was easy, but it was absolutely worth it. We picked a trail and in a few hours we got to the top. The view was breathtaking. Fall in New England colors the trees just like in a fairy tale. Compared to Europe, where Fall is usually foggy, cloudy and rainy, New England has lots of sunshine that tickles your skin and cool breeze to feel Summer is ending and something’s gonna change.
Through our hike we saw squirrels, chipmunks, some birds and a small snake. In the Winter thousands of people visit New Hampshire to ski and drink hot chocolate while resting between 2 rounds.
You gotta be careful, tho. If you visit the White Mountains in the Fall, you’re gonna want to be back!

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