Yummy Mediterranean


Tried the amazing Adea’s Sampler in Salem, MA: hummus, babaghanoush, stuffed grape leaves and falafel with pita crunchy on the outside and soft, warm on the inside. Perfect for an off day lunch. Adea’s Mediterranean Kitchen.

The weather finally became warmer, actually extremely hot. As I was checking out restaurants on Yelp, the word “mediterranean” caught my eye, because I’m originally from a country very close to the Mediterranean area and I’ve visited some of those beautiful places. Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia offer great food and wonderful restaurants. The atmosphere is unforgettable as you feel a little salty breeze coming from the direction of the Mediterranean sea, sitting at a small table at a restaurant with a candle on it, eating food made of fresh cut vegetables and locally grown chickpeas and olives. The pita just came out of the brick oven. Kind of want to be there right now…


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