Letter from the HungaryTraveler

My name is Anna. Born and raised in Hungary. Living in Boston, USA. As millions of people around the world, I find joy in traveling. Visiting places, meeting people, getting to know different cultures bring us closer and change us completely. I believe in change. Change is good. Sometimes painful, but absolutely useful. We are here on Earth to learn and develop our personalities, and finding adventures plays a big role in it.

I’ve decided to start this blog to write about my own adventures, travels, places, people and experiences, alongside with my other pleasure in life: eating. Food is not only fuel for our bodies. It is art, mix of colors, flavors and joy in different shapes and textures. I’ll share my DIY arts and crafts projects and will tell you about a life of an Au Pair.

So how did you come up with the name “The Hungary Traveler”? You could ask. Only if you’ve missed the first two paragraphs. I am from Hungary. And I love eating… so, do I have to explain it? And please if you meet a fellow Hungarian, don’t ask if he/she is hungry. It’s not funny. Really. It is NOT. But honestly, I didn’t come up with the idea of calling myself The Hungary Traveler. It came from my Creative Director American rockstar, J! who supports me and always have great ideas.

As The Hungary Traveler, I will tell you about all the restaurants, diners, cafes I’m going to visit and food I’m going to try. The things I’m going to do, inspiring people I’m going to meet and all the places I’m going to see. I will provide you travel tips and share experiences with you about all my previous travels and adventures. Since things don’t always go smoothly, I will tell you the difficulties I’ve faced and going to face throughout my journey.

To make sure I’m on the right way, please share your ideas, questions and opinion on my posts.

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